Birds of Namibia

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We took a 10-day trip to Namibia, Africa in 2017, besides touring the magnificent sand dunes in the Namib Naukluft National Park and along the Atlantic Coast, we also spent several days visiting Etosha National Park. I took a number of bird pictures and here are some to share. I still could not name some of the beautiful birds we came cross. such as the first two birds that I showed here.

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4 thoughts on “Birds of Namibia”

  1. Fantastic collection of bird images, Steven. I recognize a couple from our Africa safari. The Hammerkop, the fabulous Lilac-breasted Roller and of course the Ostriches. The second, I think, is a Monteiro’s hornbill. There is another, a yellow-billed hornbill with a bright yellow beak known as a “flying banana”. 🙂

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you, Jane, for your informative reply. I knew the second image is some kind of hornbill but not sure what in specific. The color didn’t seem to match Monteiro’s though. I took the picture during sunrise hour near the lodge …. so, it might explain the color (reflected the sunlight). I did get a nice yellow billed hornbill in Kenya a few years earlier.

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