Month: August 2019

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

I went to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens again, probably the 4th time this summer. I was looking for the Giant water Lily and yes, I did find them starting to bloom but most pleasant surprise was the gorgeous bright water lilies in the same pond and […]


Sunrise at Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon was the last stop of our recent 10-day Oregon photo tour. The first outing was to take the sunrise photos on the very next day upon our arrival. Since our hotel was 40 minute drive away, we had to get […]


Sand Dunes at Cape Sabastian, Oregon

From Bandon driving south on Pacific Highway 101 toward Brookings, we came across Cape Sabastian Viewpoint just off the road. It’s a beautiful beach with many rock formations but it was more than that we witnessed how the sand dunes were shaped by the strong […]


Harris Beach, Oregon

Harris Beach near Brookings, Oregon is the third beach we viewed and photographed the sunset scenes. It is a beautiful beach with very nice pre-sunset and sunset scenes. I just loved the soft light we witnessed.


Bandon Beach, Oregon

We arrived in Bandon Beach in late afternoon after touring the surprisingly beautiful Shore Acres State Park. The wind was strong making sand dunes photography interesting. The scenery of the beach at dusk was very attractive followed by the beautiful sunset scenes.


Old Town Florence, Oregon

It’s a small Old Town but fun to wander around to snap a few pictures. Siuslaw River Bridge, a bascule bridge built in 1936 was added to the National Register of Historical Places. The boardwalk along the harbor is a pleasant walk and we were […]

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