Month: July 2021


Among the dragonfly images I posted previously, I like this one the best, because it’s simply composed with nice contrast. However, it was not as sharp as I like. By converting to an oil-painting look, it overcome the shortcoming, besides the texture looks good on […]

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More Photos taken at Carroll Creek Park

I went back to Carroll Creek Park in downtown Frederick yesterday nirning. The water lilies are still in full bloom and are beautiful. But there were so many dragonflies flying around and I could not stop shooting them. The rare opportunity was, however capturing the […]

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I have been taking a lot of lotus flowers over the years so I always try to look at defferent perspectives when I walk around the pond. Lotus bloom has appeared reaching the final stage in Lilypons Water Gardens and it did gave me different […]


Oil Painting-like Lotuses

I converted some of my lotus photos into the oil painting-like images using Adobe CS6 software. Some of my photo friends do not care for it because they want to keep the photography as realism. However, I do consider photography as kind of art work […]

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Cog Railway to Top of White Mountain

We made a trip to New England recently. One of the highlights was riding the steam engine cog rail to the top of White Mountain. We drove up there some 20 years ago and decided to take the train this time, in paticularly the steam […]