Month: February 2021

Panoramic Images

I love panoramic landscape photographs because somehow they give me different perspective of the landscape. Most of my panoramic images were produced by taking 2-3 but sometimes up to five or six shots and were then stitched together in post processing. Three shots were taken […]


Catoctin Mountain Park after Snow

We’ve been getting many snow storms lately. The latest one was two days ago – at least 4 inches of wet snow that made the landscape in beautiful silver white. I could not resist to drive over the nearby Catoctin Mountain Park to captures some […]

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Painted Bunting

A rare appearance of a male painted bunting at the Maryland side of the Great Falls last month (4 January, 2021) has caused lots of excitement for bird watchers and bird photographers in the area. This little colorful and beautiful creature is regarded as the […]


Backyard Birds

I have a bird feeder on the deck. During this Corvid pandemic it gave me opportunities to shoot some birds visiting the feeder. Patience is the key to get some nice and sometimes cute pictures.


Snow at Monocacy Battlefield

After 5-6 inches of wet snow that stuck on the tree trunks and branches, it’s a good time to go out and shoot some photos. I drove to the nearby Monocacy National Battlefield, I walked along the snow-covered Gambrill Mill trail in the morning and […]


Baker Park after Snow

We ended up got about 5-6 inches of snow in our Frederick area in the past two days but was enough to turn into a beautiful white landscape. As in the past I drove to Baker Park to capture some images.


Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

We visited Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Cambridge, Maryland last week. We drove around the Refuge just to see if anything interesting to see photograph. We saw a few bald eagles perching on the tree branch but an unusual one on the chimney of […]