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King and Gentoo Penguins at Falkland Islands

We just got back from a wonderful 14-day Antarctica Cruise this week. The cruise started from Buenos Aires, Argentina, first sailed through the Patagonia region of Chile (Punta Arenas) and Argentina (Ushuaia) and then headed south toward Antarctica PenĂ­nsula and cruised through South Shetland Islands […]


Birds of Namibia

We took a 10-day trip to Namibia, Africa in 2017, besides touring the magnificent sand dunes in the Namib Naukluft National Park and along the Atlantic Coast, we also spent several days visiting Etosha National Park. I took a number of bird pictures and here […]


Birds of Kenya

I took a ten-day Kenya Safari in 2013, a wonderful trip to see all kinds of wildlife in Kenya including Big Five, elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos and rhinoceros, that I have posted here previously, As I recently went through some of the pictures I took […]


Lotus Pod/Seeds

I visited Lilypons Gardens several days ago. Lotus flowers have all but gone so I focused on the lotus pods and seeds with some interesting composition results.


More Hummingbirds

I have taken more pictures of hummingbirds visiting my feeder on the deck. I undestand hummingbird is the only kind of bird that can fly backward and I got two of them to share. The last three sequential images show the take off scene of […]


Water Lilies and Dragonflies

I took morning walk along Carroll Creek Linear Park in downtown Frederick in the past two days. Water lilies in different varieties and colors were in full bloom and there were many dragonflies flying around.