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Downy Woodpeckers Feeding

This pair of downy woodpeckers have been coming to my bird feeder during the past week. I don’t know they are couple or mother and youngster, more likely the latter, though the youngster looks pretty big and yet just waited to be fed all the […]

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Schwartz Peony Garden at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, Maryland has a great collection of peonies. The best time to photograph these beautiful flowers is when the blooming is young (before the full bloom and becoming too “heavy headed” and bending down).  We were […]


Laomei Green Reef near Taipei, Taiwan

This was the third time I visited Laomei Green Reef on the northern coast near Taipei, Taiwan. One can easily take Metro from Taipei to Tamsui then a Keelung-direction bus. It’s famous for its green troughs and trenches carved out of volcanic rook, especially in […]