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Mourning Dove

I’ve been taking some pictures of birds that visited the bird feeder on my deck from inside of my air-conditioned house – it’s been very hot and humid in the Washinton, DC area all week. I love this mourning dove for the facial expression and […]



We went to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens yesterday morning. It was very nice to hear the “Cicada Symphony” in the Gardens – they only have 4-6 weeks to find the mates to produce the next generations that will emerge 17 years later (2038). It was a […]


Brood X Cicadas – 2021

We found many Brood X cicadas at Brookside Gardens. Naturally I took some pictures as shown here. Brood X cicadas emerged from the ground recently in billions and billions in number, primarily in the eeaster part of US. They have about a month to six […]


Blue Jays on My Deck

I had two blue jays visiting my bird feeder on my deck yesterday. I love blue jay with such beautiful blue color of feather. The last image was a surprise for me to see and I was lucky to capture such lovely scene.



Magnolias are blooming everywhere in Washington areas. I usually visit the Magnolia Garden at National Arboretum where there are variety of magnolia trees. But this time, I didn’t have to go very far but to looked at my next door neighbor.


Snowdrop Flowers

Like forsythia and daffodil flowers, the rise of snowdrop flowers from the ground also signals the arrival of spring. I took these snowdrop pictures two days ago when I photographed weep cherry blossoms at Brookside Gardens.

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Morning Mist at the Lake

We are at Stonewall Resort, Roanoke, West Virginia joining our son’s family for a 4-day mini-vacation. I was surprised to see the morning mist (fog) in the lake from our lake side cabin yesterday. As I was ready to take pictures a row boat showed […]


Dramatic Sunset Sky

I took this picture with sun in my back during sunset two days ago in our community. The massive dark cloud and the bright houses shining by the soft sunset light really created dramatic contrast.


Snow Geese at Middle Creek, March 2021

We visited Middle Creek to see and photograph snow geese earlier this week. Middle Creek is the stopping ground for many snow geese in the Eastern Shores area and farther South before they heading north to the Canadian Arctic’s, their breeding ground. The official estimated […]