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Deer Showing Affection

We took an overnight trip to Shenandoah National Park earlier this week. We stayed at the Big Meadows Lodge so we can quickly get to the Big Meadows all the times where if one’s lucky can see the new born fawns under the brushes or […]


Brood X Cicadas – 2021

We found many Brood X cicadas at Brookside Gardens. Naturally I took some pictures as shown here. Brood X cicadas emerged from the ground recently in billions and billions in number, primarily in the eeaster part of US. They have about a month to six […]


Sunset Sky

I always watch for interesting sunset sky when there is strong weather front moving in. So when a cold front was moving in yesterday afternoon I had my camera ready. It turned out as expected so I took these image from my backyard deck.


More Tulip Photos

I went to Brookside Gardens for more tulip photos yesterday. I got there after 10:00 am and sun was very bright. All I could do was trying to take some images with translucent affects to the flowers.


Bluebells at Bull Run Park, Virginia

Bull Run Regional Park near Centerville, Virginia is known for spectacular viewing of bluebells during the peak blooming time in April every year. We went there today and took the Bluebell Trail and also trail along the river where the bluebells were especially spectacular. Bluebells […]