Month: April 2022

Cooking Cod Mediterranean Style

I made a healthy Mediterranean Cod in tomato sauce with fennel and olives yesterday. It was the first-time using fennel as one of the ingredients. It’s mild and a bit sweet and went well with the light fish like cod. By the way, I’m still […]



Spring is the most beautiful season in Washington. Cherry blossoms probably is the most celebrated event along with blooming of lots of flowering trees at the end of March or early April. This is followed by the magnolia and the tulip blossoms. There are also […]


Totilla de Patatas (Potato)

No flowers, no birds it’s cooking time again! After a good night sleep, I woke up with energy to make something different for breakfast and it’s ‘tortilla de patatas (potato)”. It’s one of the tapa dishes in Spanish restaurants.

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Cherry Blossoms under Morning Sun

Photo outing to Tidal Basin for cherry blossoms has always been a big event of the year for me and the fellow photo club members in the past. We used to go very early in the morning to catch the sunrise and the soft morning […]