Month: April 2017

Delaplaine National Juried Show

I recently submitted three entries to the Delaplaine National Juried Show and was happy to learn that all three photographs have been selected for the Show. There are a total of some 60 pieces of art work, paintings and photographs to be displayed in the show […]


Great Falls of Potomac River, Virginia

I took my Nikon Coolpix P900 camera out to the Great Falls this morning.  This camera considered as a high-end Point and Shoot by some people, has an amazing 28-2000 mm range of focus length (35mm film camera equivalent). Instead of lugging a heavy telephoto zoom lens […]


Great Falls Tavern, Potomac, Maryland

Great Falls Tavern built next to Lock 20 on the Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Canal during the 1800’s served as lockkeeper’s house and hotel and today serves as the Visitor Center on the Maryland side of Great Falls – C&O Canal National Historical Park. It […]


In Search of Better Tulip Shots

As I mentioned previously I love photographing tulips. It is quite challenging to capture nice tulip images. First of all, it is most desirable to shoot the individual tulip close up under an overcast sky with calm wind in the morning. Well, the opportunity knocked yesterday […]


Former British Consulate at Takau, Taiwan

In 1860 the Treaty of Peiking forced the Qing Dynasty to open up the ports of Takau (now called Kaohsiung), An-ping (Tainan), Tamsui, (Taipei) and Keelung to trade with UK and France. The construction of the Takau Consulate building located on top of Mt. So-Shan, overlooking Port of Kaohsiung started in 1865 […]

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Mt. Fuji Japan

I took this picture about ten years ago when our plane was on holding pattern waiting to be landed at Tokyo Narita Airport.  It was a rare occasion because the plane coming from U.S. crossing Pacific Ocean normally does not see Fujisan before landing at Narita. […]


April is for Tulips

Tulip is one of my favorite flowers to photograph and there are variety of beautiful tulip display at Brookside Gardens this week. Click any picture to start slide show:  


Gondolas in Venice

If you ask me which city I’d never get tired of visiting – my answer is definitely Venice. It’s such a unique and fascinating place to just walk around and get lost sometime but no matter where you go and at every corner you turn […]


Old Train Stations and Railroad Tracks

I drove by the overpass of this railroad tracks all the time and decided to walk down there last fall to get some close-up pictures. I always enjoyed taking pictures of the tracks, straight or curve, as I like to play with the composition for the […]