Month: May 2021

Bumble Bee

As I was photographing some flowers in the garden, I was attracted by a bumble bee that stopped from flower to flower, so I decided to follow it. With a 50mm macro lens it was a challenge as this bumble bee was moving constantly.

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Roses Blooming

Rose Garden at Brookside Garden are full of beautiful roses. I went over there in mid-morning yesterday when the rain stopped for 2-3 hours. I always grab the opportunity after the rain and still under cloudy sky for shooting flowers.


Peonies Blooming

Peonies Garden at Seneca Creek State Park, Maryland is now full of beautiful colors of peonies with many varieties. I took these photos yesterday morning. With cicadas emerging from the ground after 17 years, I also found a few resting on the flowers.

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Blue Jays on My Deck

I had two blue jays visiting my bird feeder on my deck yesterday. I love blue jay with such beautiful blue color of feather. The last image was a surprise for me to see and I was lucky to capture such lovely scene.