Month: February 2022

Snow Geese at Middle Creek

It’s time for snow geese in the Eastern Shore areas to begin gathering at Middle Creek near Lancaster, PA, and ready to head north to their breeding grounds in Arctic North in Canada. The estimated number was about 90,000 in last weekend so we took […]


What’s for Dinner?

Atlantic Cod and Shrimps with Fresh Tomatoes and Mushrooms. Served with fettuccine pasta. It was super simple to make (in 30 minutes). First, sauteed garlic then added diced fresh tomatoes and mushrooms for about 8-9 minutes. Added cod and shrimps on top of the mix […]


Ski Jump

Watching ski jump event in Beijing Olympic lately made me think of the sky jump photos of Lake Placid I took in 2016 while touring Adirondack Park in New York State. Lake Placid is the home of winter Olympic games in 1932 and again in […]

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No birds, flowers and not even landscape but food! I have always enjoyed some simple cooking at home and during the Corvid pandemic in the past three years, we couldn’t travel and for some periods of time we couldn’t even go to restaurants so what […]


Cedar Waxwing

There was one Cedar Waxwing among at least a dozen of American Robins that visited my front yard tree to pick the fruits other day. That’s the first time I saw cedar waxwing around our house. Cedar waxwing loves the berries. The first time I […]