Month: February 2017

Death Valley National Park

This is my first visit to Death Valley National Park. We stayed at Stovepipe Wells Village for three nights and have toured almost all the highlights of the Park except Scotty’s Castle due to repair and Artist Palette due to flooded damage of roadway. To me Zabriskie […]


Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

We are on a ten-day tour of Death Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. But first, after all twelve of us met in Las Vegas, we toured Valley of Fire State Park, about 90 minute drive north of Las Vegas. We timed our arrival time just an […]


Amish Buggy

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has the largest Amish settlements in the world and has become a major tourist destination to see the Amish villages and farms. Amish “plain people” emphasizes family, faith, hard work and simplicity. They don’t use electricity nor telephone at their home. They don’t […]


A Spring Day for Birdwatchers…

We visited Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area just north of Lancaster, PA last weekend. It was a spring like weather so the birdwatchers and photographers came out in record numbers to watch the snow geese and tundra swans that are stopping over here before heading […]


Washington Union (Train) Station

The design of Washington Union Station started in 1901 and the construction was completed in 1908. The glory day of train transportation probably peaked in the 1940’s until the major Interstate Highway System starting to take shape in the 1950’s. The Union Station began to deteriorated in late 1960’s until Congress funded the […]


A Spring Day in the Winter…

It was a record breaking day in Washington area yesterday – the temperature hit 72 degrees F. (22 degree C. ). That was amazing even some of the cherry trees have started to blossom. It’s not really a good phenomenon because it’s going to be snowing tomorrow […]

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Snow Geese Under Morning Light

During our last photo outing to shoot snow geese as shown on my previous post “Snow Geese Photo Outing”, we did photograph the beautiful snow geese under warm and beautiful sunset light. However, we missed the shot of snow geese lift-off scene in early morning, […]