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Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

I went to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens again, probably the 4th time this summer. I was looking for the Giant water Lily and yes, I did find them starting to bloom but most pleasant surprise was the gorgeous bright water lilies in the same pond and […]


Sunflowers, Bees and Butterflies

Sunflowers in Jarrettsville, Maryland were usually planted for harvest in September. Though the blossom has already passed the peak when I got over there this morning, I manage to get a few shots to my liking, especially with the presence of butterflies.


Wings of Fancy

Late summer is the time to photograph dragonflies and butterflies. I usually go to Lilypons Water Gardens near my home in Frederick, MD for shooting dragonflies and for butterflies Brookside Gardens with all kinds of flowers blooming is a good choice. I do find shooting […]

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