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Home Grown Orchids II

Over the years we’ve accumulated 7-8 orchid plants and they blossom in late spring/early summer every year. I shot these images using Olympus Mirrorless camera (E-M10II) with 50mm macro lens.

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More Home Orchid Images

More Home Orchid Images

We have six orchid plants in our house and every year they bloom beautifully. I took out two plants and shot these images with my Nikon D600 with Tamron 90mm macro lens. Click any image below to start slide show:  


White Orchid

Shooting white flower is always a challenge for me and the key seems to be always the setting of exposure compensation (EV) under different lighting conditions. I tried on our home grown white orchids yesterday. EV of +1.0 seemed to work okay indoor.     […]


Home Grown Orchids

Over the years we have accumulated eight orchid plants in our house and for some good reasons almost all but one bloomed recently. I decided to take out my macro lens to shoot a few this morning and here they are.