Costa Rica Wildlife (22 Images)

Costa Rica, Photography, Wildlife

DSC_2660s Squirrel Monkey


DSC_2684 Sloth

DSC_2041s White-Faced Monkey



DSC_1915s White-Faced Monkey jumping from tree to tree


DSC_2734s Mother and me

DSC_2735s Mother, Daddy and me

DSC_2756 Don’t bug me – I am taking a nap!

DSC_2108s Iguana




DSC_1918s Jesus Christ Lizard

DSC_1928s When one explorer first saw the creature he shouted “Jesus Christ! Is it a lizard?” and it got the name!

DSC_1959s Bare-Throated Tiger Heron

DSC_1890s Great White Egret

DSC_2206s Eyelash Viper Snake


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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

2 thoughts on “Costa Rica Wildlife (22 Images)”

  1. Your eye is very keen and you capture the true spirit in each of your shots. Thanks for sharing our Costa Rica adventure. I like the style of your site and most of all the quality of your work. Regards

    • shungphotography says:

      Thanks for the kind comments from a truly accomplished artist. Please keep in touch.

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