Durbin Rocket Train Ride in West Virginia (11 Images)

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Durbin Rocket Train is powered by a rare steam locomotive. Built in 1910, the Old #3, is one of only three operating Climax geared logging locomotives in the world! The round trip train ride in Durbin covers 10.5 miles in 2 hours and offers many beautiful river and mountain views in the Monongahela National Forest as she puffs and whistles her way along Greenbrier River. There are different authentic 1920 cars behind the locomotive, an open car w/o roof, an enclosed car with heater, an open car with roof and a caboose at the end. I opted for the open car with roof so I could enjoy and photograph the view with some weather protection. However, I moved around the entire train quite a bit to photograph from different locations. The scenery of Greenbrier River was beautiful with full fall foliage colors.

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