Month: October 2014

Misty Great Falls (5 Images)

At the beginning of fall when the water temperature is still relatively warm and when a cold front moves in suddenly, the river produces mist in early morning that makes a wonderful scene for photographing. That was the case when the air temperature dropped to […]

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Monocacy Battlefield at Dusk

Monocacy National Battlefield is located in Frederick, Maryland. The battle that occurred on July 9, 1864, 150 years ago on what is now Monocacy National Battlefield, became known to history as “The Battle That Saved Washington”.

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The “Bear” at Upper Antelope Canyon

I visited Upper Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona about two years ago. It was so crowded with tourists that became very difficult to get any good pictures. I’d like to go back may be next spring and will try the less crowded Lower Antelope Canyon for […]