WWII Warbirds Flyover in DC on 2015.5.8.

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At noon on last Friday, May 8 a big crowd gathered along the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol to witness the Arsenal of Democracy World War II Victory Capitol Flyover that included 15 historically sequenced warbird formations traveling across our nation’s capital to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day). The Flyover featured over 56 warbirds representing the major battles of World War II, from Pearl Harbor to D-Day, ending with a final Missing Man Formation. Never before has such a collection of WWII aircraft been assembled at one location—a fitting tribute to the men and women at home and abroad responsible for this Victory in 1945.

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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

2 thoughts on “WWII Warbirds Flyover in DC on 2015.5.8.”

  1. I am so envious that I could not have been there to see this in person! These are wonderful captures of the moment!

    • shungphotography says:

      It was indeed a special occasion to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE Day and to pay tribute to all airmen who fought the war. It was quite an “air show” and people applauded when the announcer identified the planes as they flew past the WWII Memorial.

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