Black-Faced Spoonbills in Taiwan

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Black-Faced Spoonbills are listed as endangered species as there are only about three thousands (3,000) existed on the Planet. One of their breeding grounds are located in Northeast China and at the border of North and South Koreas (38 degrees Parallel). Between months of September through April they migrated south to Taiwan, Southern China including Hong Kong and even Vietnam but majority of them, more than 2,000 can be found in the wetlands of Taiwan, especially in Chiku (Qigu) Wetlands Reserve. Spoonbill is a fairly large bird with length of 74-82 cm (30 inches) and weighs about 1.5 – 2.0 Kg. Its wingspan is about 140 cm. I took these photos using my Nikon 600 with 28-300mm lens – I only wished I had my 400 mm telephoto lens with me.

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