Fake Harvest Moon in Washington, DC


It was supposed to be a beautiful harvest moon-rise at 7:22 pm September 16, 2016 over the beautiful landmarks of Washington, DC, namely, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument  and Capitol. As one of the many photographers gathered at Iwo Jima Marine Memorial for this special moment, I waited and waited over 30 minutes passed the time and finally gave up because the clouds were just too thick for the moon to peek through. Well, I just have to take the super moon shot I took last year and superimpose where it was supposed to come up — just for fun! haha!


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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

2 thoughts on “Fake Harvest Moon in Washington, DC”

  1. Happens the same to me all the time in Dublin!!!! Months planning a shot and when the day comes…. its cloudy and raining!!
    It would be such a great photo!!!! But this edition is also impressive! 🙂

  2. shungphotography says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciate your comments. As you know right place and right time are essential to get a good shot but how about some luck?! Each year there are only two occasions, on spring and autumn equinoxes that the moon will rise behind these landmarks with right azimuth and the fact the moonrise will occur shortly after the sunset usually make the rising moon bright red! Well, hope for better luck next year.

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