Reflection Reflection and Reflection

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I don’t remember ever taking so many reflection photos before but it’s an exception this time  because seeing the beautiful fall colors reflection on the quiet and serene lake is simply irresistible from pressing the shutter.


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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

9 thoughts on “Reflection Reflection and Reflection”

    • shungphotography says:

      I’m going through the valuable comments on many of my blogs to see if I missed the reply. Well, how could I have missed this one. Sorry for my late reply – thank you and I’m still following your blogs for anything that looks delicious. — Stephen

    • shungphotography says:

      Adirondack Park encompasses 6 million acres of land in Upstate New York possesses countless number of streams and lakes. The fall colors in this region are just beautiful and was glad to make the trip last fall. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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