Misty Great Falls – 3

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I have taken so many misty Great Falls images over the years and yet never get tired of this nature beauty. You see, even with the same river background, the morning river mist and sunlight could transform them into a total different landscape. The mist does add the mystery to the river scene. The morning river mist usually only occurred at the end of October when the river water temperature is still in the 60+ degree F. and should the morning air temperature takes a dive, say in the 30+ degree F. , the difference of temperature of 30 degree will almost guarantee the production of river mist. This idea conditions happened in early this week.





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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

5 thoughts on “Misty Great Falls – 3”

  1. shungphotography says:

    Thank you, Miriam. Those misty scenes always fascinated me. — Stephen

  2. exploringmycalifornia says:

    Stunning photographs! It looks like a volcanic river

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you for your liking my misty images. Great imagination!

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