La Push Beaches

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La Push is a small unincorporated community situated at the mouth of the Quillayute River in Clallam County, Washington, United States. La Push is the largest community within the Quileute Indian Reservation, which is home to the federally recognized Quileute tribe. (Wikipedia). There are three beaches, namely, First, Second and Third Beach near the town. However, one does not have to go to any of these beaches to get some excellent sunset photos right at the beach parking lot of La Push, as I have posted some of these photos earlier.  One thing is definitely worth mentioning is the River Edge Restaurant where we had dinner and afterwards, just a few minutes walk we were able to see and photograph the best sunset we had ever experienced. At the recommendation of the waitress we went back for breakfast the next day and what a treat for the wildlife viewing right through the window of restaurant that we almost forgot about eating, what did we see? well, golden eagles, bald eagles, ospreys, harbor seals, etc. The only regret we had was we did not get there earlier.

First BeachDSC_9583_4_5_Photographic-sDSC_9598s

Second BeachDSC_9586BWsDSC_9589sDSC_9593sDSC_9596sDSC_9597s

Taking sunset pictures at La Push:DSC_9711sDSC_9712sDSC_9713sDSCN5388DSCN5395

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