Birds at Sunflower Field

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I don’t remember I ever visited McKee Beshers sunflower field so many times in the past years. My first two times were strictly for sunflower shots but the last three times in the past two weeks were for birds especially goldfinches and Indigo Bunting. I went back to McKee Beshers sunflower field again this morning (the 3rd time) for the purpose of looking for Indigo Bunting to photograph. I finally got lucky to spot and photograph one within 5 minutes upon my arrival at the field (whew! I could have missed it – sometime luck could be the most important factor beside “right time right place” to capture a nice image!). The luck was with me this morning – in addition to Indigo Bunting I also captured a pair of house finches and a distinguished cardinal and of course, many goldfinches.


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2 thoughts on “Birds at Sunflower Field”

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you! It only took me three trips to capture the indigo bunting images but was happy to get them!

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