Leonardo Da Vinci Birthplace in Vinci

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Our last tour during the recent “Tastes of Tuscany” trip was the visit of Leonardo Da Vinci birthplace and museum in town of Vinci. Da Vinci was born 4/16/1452 in Anchiano and died on 5/2/1519 in Cloux, France. He was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and scientist. His most famous paintings were Mona Lisa and Last Supper, and the drawing of Vitruvian Man. It rained lightly as we started our bus ride to Vinci, I could not stop from taking a few shots of the farms with distance mist of mountain as background. Once we reached the destination, the Birthplace of Leonardo we were impressed with the surroundings of vineyards and olive groves, we even found some giant rosemary plants with blossom.

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