Landscape of South Shetland and Elephant Islands

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We finally arrived at South Shetland Island and Elephant Island toward almost the end of the Cruise. It was much colder but the scenery was fantastically beautiful. We cruised South Shetland Island first day and the Elephant Island on the second day before we headed North to Falkland Islands, our final stop of the cruise. Before we reached Smith Island, the first island of South Shetland Island chain, we encountered the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

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2 thoughts on “Landscape of South Shetland and Elephant Islands”

  1. Such stunningly beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing your photos. The extreme southern or northern sunrises or sunsets are always impressive because of the earth’s position relative to the sun which causes a scattering effect of blue light. This allows more reds and oranges into the visual range. Cheers.

    • shungphotography says:

      Nice explanation, thank you! Happy you enjoyed the photos.

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