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Snow at Monocacy Battlefield

After 5-6 inches of wet snow that stuck on the tree trunks and branches, it’s a good time to go out and shoot some photos. I drove to the nearby Monocacy National Battlefield, I walked along the snow-covered Gambrill Mill trail in the morning and […]


Morning Fog in Frederick

It was a foggy morning yesterday so I took a 10-minute quick drive to Worthington Farm, part of National Monocacy (Civil War) Battlefield in Frederick shortly after I got up and before sunrise. Unfortunately, the place was still closed (too early) but the foggy scenes […]


Monocacy Battlefield in Colors

I have shot many images at the Best Farm of Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick, Maryland, just about 7-8 minutes away from my home.  With the beautiful sunset sky and the ready-to-be-harvested golden color soy bean fields, I could not resist to take a few […]


Monocacy Battlefield at Dusk

Monocacy National Battlefield is located in Frederick, Maryland. The battle that occurred on July 9, 1864, 150 years ago on what is now Monocacy National Battlefield, became known to history as “The Battle That Saved Washington”.

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