Monocacy Battlefield in Colors

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I have shot many images at the Best Farm of Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick, Maryland, just about 7-8 minutes away from my home.  With the beautiful sunset sky and the ready-to-be-harvested golden color soy bean fields, I could not resist to take a few more shots, even interrupting my dinner. Here are a few images to share:


and finally after the sun went down and turned both sky and field in gorgeous golden color.


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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

8 thoughts on “Monocacy Battlefield in Colors”

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you so much. The golden color of soy bean field does not last very long before the plants all dry up – so I was lucky to get some nice shots.

  1. These are very lovely! I love history, but I have never been to Monocacy Battlefield. Over the summer I visited Antietam National Battlefield. I should really come up there one of these days and your photos are inspiring me to do so.

  2. shungphotography says:

    Thank you! If you come to Monocacy Battlefield for visit you should stop by the Visitor Center on Rt. 355 first. There are quite a few battle sites all spread around. You may enjoy visiting Worthington Farm, Thomas Farm, Gambrill Mill, etc. There are three covered bridges in Frederick County that are worthy for visit during the fall – check out my past postings! —- Stephen

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