Golden Canyon of Death Valley

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With Mesquite Sand Dunes, Zabriski Point and Badwater Basin taking all the spotlights of the Valley, Golden Canyon is a hidden treasure. It is an easy 3-4 mile round trip hike to the back door of Zabriski Point. Early morning or late afternoon sunlight brings out the golden colors and textures of the badlands and making the entire canyon in a warm glow. As you hike toward the end of trail, you’ll see the feature image with golden badland below the red cathedral rocks that earns the name of this canyon. I recommend this hike should be included in your itinerary when you visit there next time.

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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

3 thoughts on “Golden Canyon of Death Valley”

  1. cchonosphotography says:

    Nice photos…this will has been added to the list of places to go

  2. shungphotography says:

    Thank you and you’ll enjoy visiting there in person!

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