Gondolas in Venice

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If you ask me which city I’d never get tired of visiting – my answer is definitely Venice. It’s such a unique and fascinating place to just walk around and get lost sometime but no matter where you go and at every corner you turn there is picture waiting to be taken. My last visit to Venice was in December of 2008. What prompted me of looking these old pictures was a friend told me he is planning to visit there shortly, so I wanted to show him some of the pictures I took. As I dug out these pictures from my photo library, I realized I was using my very first digital SLR camera, Olympus E-510 with only 10 mp and as I recall ISO>800 introduced much noise.  With better photo editing software especially noise reduction features, I was able to do some “make over” and presented here. To me, the best time to shoot was at late afternoon when the soft sunlight hit the colorful buildings and created the beautiful reflection and what is the better time for gondola ride?

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