Chincoteague at Dawn

Landscape, Photography

I always wanted to shoot sunrise at the beach when I visited Chincoteague but never made it. So I made a special effort to get up early this time to arrive at the beach by 6:15 am, about 30 minutes before the sunrise. It was inspirational to see the color changes in the sky during the sunrise and to listen to the waves splashing the sandy shore and reflecting the golden colors of the sands, just briefly, before the next wave covers it.


Just our luck, there were a few shore birds looking for food between the wave actions, making them very challenging photo objects.  The golden color of shore reflecting the sunlight was simply beautiful.



And finally the sunrise, not perfect because of the cloud at the sea level,


On the way back to hotel for breakfast, we also stopped for some shots of Chincoteague wetland that also reflected beautiful morning light.


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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

6 thoughts on “Chincoteague at Dawn”

  1. Interesting post processing, just a bit over saturated for my taste. However, this seems very consistent with your style

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you for your comments. You may be right that some images were over saturated but HDR processing tends to do just that.

      • That’s true… have you even tried stacking photographs manually on photoshop… normally the results tends to be more ‘natural’

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you, Miriam. I like these sandpiper shots – they were rare opportunities for photography.

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