Kalaloch Beach of Olympic National Park

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We stayed at Kalaloch Lodge cabin for two nights and used it as base to visit Ruby Beach, Beaches 1 and 4, Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest. Kalaloch Beach is a beautiful beach and we took full advantage to shoot some nice scenes during sunrise and sunset. I was surprised to even spotted two bald eagles on the beach – unfortunately I only had a wide angle lens and couldn’t reached them.


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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

5 thoughts on “Kalaloch Beach of Olympic National Park”

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you! It was great fun taking these pictures. Olympic NP is one of my most favorite NP.

  1. Where did you take that sunset photo with the water inlet on the beach? Is that Kalaloch Beach at Kalaloch Lodge?

    • shungphotography says:

      Yes, I took the first two pictures just outside of Visitor Center/Restaurant at Kalaloch lodge.

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