Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming

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When I toured Devil’s Tower (865 feet – 265 meters tall) last week, it made me think about two towering rocks I toured previously, the first one is Shiprock near Farmington, New Mexico that we visited in October 2016 – it stands1583 feet (482.5 meters) and the second one Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly National Monument in NE Arizona that we toured in 2012. It measures 750 feet tall or 229 meters. All three of them are impressive monuments and have been symbols to native Americans with stories to tell.


Shiprock in New Mexico:


Spider Rock in Arizona:


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2 thoughts on “Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming”

  1. Those are wonderful photographs and amazing rocks.
    I will keep your post starred until I found the stories the Native Americans told.
    Thanks you.


  2. shungphotography says:

    Thanks Miriam, glad you like the pictures of these awesome rocks. Just google to these site to read the stories of these legends to the Native Americans.

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