Tastes of Tuscany – 2 – Florence and Siena

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We toured Siena and Florence (Firenze) on two different days. We enjoyed the cityscapes of both cities. Florence was packed with tourists everywhere we went, especially at Duomo and Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), a World Heritage Site. At the stunning Piazza del Campo of the medieval city of Siena, also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was relatively quiet and enjoyable. The weather was strange, it rained for 10-15 minutes then followed by 15 minutes of sunshine and seemed to repeat itself all day. However, it did provide different photo opportunities.



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6 thoughts on “Tastes of Tuscany – 2 – Florence and Siena”

    • shungphotography says:

      Than you Lynette. Siena is indeed an amazing medieval city. Just love it.

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