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Mt. Fuji Japan

I took this picture about ten years ago when our plane was on holding pattern waiting to be landed at Tokyo Narita Airport.  It was a rare occasion because the plane coming from U.S. crossing Pacific Ocean normally does not see Fujisan before landing at Narita. […]


Gondolas in Venice

If you ask me which city I’d never get tired of visiting – my answer is definitely Venice. It’s such a unique and fascinating place to just walk around and get lost sometime but no matter where you go and at every corner you turn […]


Blue Footed Booby in Galapagos Islands

We visited Galapagos Islands during Christmas holidays four years ago. We saw many kinds of birds we normally do not see in lower continental USA. One particular bird really drew our attention was blue-footed booby – the adults and the chicks. We even saw a […]


Mesa Verde’s Cliff Dwellings

To tour Mesa Verde National Park in southwest cornet of Colorado state is to learn how Ancestral Puebloans lived for 700 years during A.D. 600 to 1300. They were also referred as Anasazi people or in Navajo’s word of “ancient people”. It is the best […]

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Mountains, Lakes, Creeks and Weeping Wall

In a four-day tour of Glacier National Park that we had planned year ahead gave us a glimpse of the immense and wild landscape of wonderful photographic dimension. We enjoyed the rugged mountain terrain, the peaceful lakes and the incredible waterfalls that lead to the turbulent creeks […]


Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul was our beginning and end of our 12-day tour of Turkey in May 2016. East meets West in Istanbul, the sole city to span two continents, Asia and Europe. It is a huge city with population over 12 millions and is the financial center […]


Hot Springs of Pamukkale, Turkey

Hot Springs and Necropolis together is a World Heritage Site. The hot springs reminded me the one in Yellowstone National Park but in a much grand scale. The scene is, indeed impressive. Unfortunately, many terrace pools were bone dry and under the bright daylight I […]

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Ephesus – Library of Celsus

Ephesus, the Roman capital in the 2nd century, BC had numerous shrines and buildings constructed. The most spectacular ruin is the Library of Celsus, as mausoleum for Julius Celsus, Roman governor of the Asia Provinces and also as a reading room stocked with more than […]

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Up Up and Away Above Cappadocia, Turkey

Hot air balloon ride at Cappadocia (Kapadokia), Turkey has always been rated as one of the best in the world. I missed the balloon rides at Masai Mara, Kenya and Bagan, Myanmar, both places, as I understand, also offer excellent balloon ride. So I was […]


Hot Air Balloon Ride at Cappadocia, Turkey

I had my once-in-a-lifetime experience in riding a hot air balloon at sunrise this morning in Cappadocia. The weather was perfect, sunshine with some cloud that provided excellent photo conditions. We were up in the air for about an hour along with probably more than […]