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Love is in the air…..

I’ve photographed many birds and wildlife and occasionally caught their intimate moments.  For instance, I’ve photographed great blue herons building the nest on the secluded tree top mating and raising the chicks. During our trip to Custer State Park in South Dakoda last September, we […]

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Time to Build Nest …

Three weeks ago, I took this bald eagle picture flew over my head toward the electrical transmission tower carrying a big tree branch for nest building.  It’s a rare sight other than snatching fish from the water. I remember I posted a similar picture last […]


Bald Eagle Catching Fish, Again

An adult bald eagle weighs 10-14 pounds and it’s amazing that it can lift a fish up to four pounds from the water and sometimes with only one powerful talons. It’s a challenge and also fun to capture (with camera) what they capture. No wonder so many […]


How A Bald Eagle “Rob” A Fish

I have witnessed bald eagles fighting over fish many times and usually saw fish being dropping in the water or on the land (for vultures’ benefit) until yesterday when I went back to Conowingo Dam for more eagle photographing.  I have to admit when I […]

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Hot Pursue

Being opportunists, bald eagles seem to enjoy stealing fish from others more than catching from the water by themselves. It’s exciting to watch and challenging to capture with the camera.

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