Love is in the air…..

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I’ve photographed many birds and wildlife and occasionally caught their intimate moments.  For instance, I’ve photographed great blue herons building the nest on the secluded tree top mating and raising the chicks.


During our trip to Custer State Park in South Dakoda last September, we witnessed the big herd of bison crossing the road and blocking the traffic, well, not in a secluded environment, a pair of bison just decided to do their duty so the calf could be borne next spring.


But the most unusual event I witnessed and photographed was below Conowingo Dam where we were concentrating in spotting the bald eagles catching fish out of the water a couple of days ago. Yes, love was in the air…… in a 29 degree cold air. As I was concentrating on two eagles on a dead branch, another pair of eagles suddenly appeared on a rock in front of this dead branch and I couldn’t believe what I was capturing the entire sequence of mating.


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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

One thought on “Love is in the air…..”

  1. Great series, Stephen. This would make a good Valentine’s post. ❤️ Excellent captures and wonderful to witness nature’s wonders.

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