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I took some hummingbird images last week using my Nikon D600 camera with 28-300mm lens. However, I was not 100% satisfied what I got because I had to crop so much and tended to lose the fine resolution.  I decided to go back and using […]


A Beautiful Morning for Bird Photography

It was a cool and pleasant morning yesterday. I decided to show a good photo friend about where I took the previous goldfinches and indigo buntings images at McKee Beshers sunflower field last week. We got lucky again to capture a couple of indigo buntings […]


Hummingbirds at Brookside Gardens

I have been shooting hummingbirds that came to my feeder on the backyard deck. Brookside Gardens have attracted many hummingbirds this month because of the special flowers planted and are blooming just about time for hummers to get all the nectar they can get before […]

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Backyard Hummingbird

I was delighted to see a hummingbird coming for the potted flower on my deck this morning. I had to set the camera at high ISO because of the poor lighting condition thereby introducing some noise on the image.


Hummingbird in My Backyard (again)

Hummingbird is not the easiest bird to photograph because it always flies in and out, forward or backward (the only bird can fly backward) so fast. But I do get lucky occasionally and was able to shoot this one while he(she) was standing still and even […]



A couple of hummingbirds have been the regular visitors to our feeder. They also came for the flowers I planted in the pots but I was surprised that they even go after the tiny flowers of Shiso and Basil


Hummingbird in My Backyard

I shot this image when this beautiful hummingbird came visiting my feeder in the backyard this morning. I saw quite a few hummingbirds when visiting Arenal and Monteverde areas in Costa Rica last month. Who knows, this one may have followed me from Costa Rica […]

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