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Colorful Umbrella

The art of this handmade Chinese umbrella came to Meinong, a small Hakka town in Southern Taiwan about 100 hundred years ago. A local businessman bought a whole oil-paper umbrella workshop in Guangdong and moved the activity, including the artisans, to Meinong. Oil-paper umbrellas were used […]

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Morning Mist and Sunrise

The City of Taipei is surrounded by many mountains, all within an hour drive via freeways and well maintained scenic mountain roads. However, without my local photo friends, I wouldn’t have found this perfect spot to witness and photograph the beauty of morning fog at […]


Bao-An Temple, Taipei, Taiwan

Greetings from Taipei – We arrived here on March 3 after almost a whole day of flight from DC (what a grueling long trip!). The weather is very nice here in the 60’s and 70’s, no snow like in Northeastern US. I walked to Bao-An […]


Black-Faced Spoonbills in Taiwan

Black-Faced Spoonbills are listed as endangered species as there are only about three thousands (3,000) existed on the Planet. One of their breeding grounds are located in Northeast China and at the border of North and South Koreas (38 degrees Parallel). Between months of September […]

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