Spider Web after the Rain

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Several years ago when I took these spider web pictures, a good photographer friend kidded me that I must have run out of things to photograph. My answer to him was Yes and No, you see I had just bought a Tamron 90mm macro lens and was looking for somethings other than flowers to practice my skill and when I saw this spider web with rain drops around the corner of my house one morning I did not hesitate one minute to set up my tripod and started to photograph. What amazed me was the macro lens was able to “see” what our human eyes couldn’t. These shining raindrops with reflection were just beyond my imagination. When I sent these pictures to my sister, she told me the last two images resembled some of the beautiful necklaces she saw at the window of Tiffany…

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A retired professional engineer, nature lover and avid photographer

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      Thank you, it was a rare opportunity to photograph. Please stop by again.

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      Thank you so much for your comments and appreciate your “liking” of many of my posts. Please stop by again!

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