Sossusvlei Sand Dunes, Namibia

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One has to see to believe the extent of amazing sand dunes from Sesriem to Sossusvlei area. I took hundreds upon hundreds of photos of these incredibly beautiful sand dunes even from the moving bus on the bumpy gravel roads. I did post a few desert images on my blog during the tour in Namibia. As I got more time to go through more photos at home, I’d like to share some of these images:

Climbing the 80-meter high Dune 45:



The remarkable shapes and colors of sand dunes en route to Sossusvlei:




And finally here is the image I like very much but honestly I don’t remember exactly where I took that. I do know it’s between Sesriem and Sossusvlei when we were allow to get off the bus.


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A retired professional engineer turns nature lover and photographer

18 thoughts on “Sossusvlei Sand Dunes, Namibia”

  1. shungphotography says:

    Thank you, Frank. Glad you like them. It was exciting to see these beautiful landscape!

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you, Jane. It was quite an experience to see these dramatic sand dunes. It stirred my soul and imagination.

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you. If I ever go back there I’d stay a couple of extra days to photograph these magnificent landscape in different time of the day!

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you. I couldn’t take enough pictures of these beautiful scenes.

  2. Deborah Hood says:

    It was a wonderful adventure! Love your pictures! HUGS to you and Therese! ❤

    • shungphotography says:

      Thank you Deborah! It was indeed a great trip.

  3. shungphotography says:

    Thank you, Amy. I hope your twitter friends will enjoy viewing the blog as well.

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