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Star Trails from Backyard

It was a special day (birthday) for me yesterday. The sky was unusually clear and I was able to see many stars from my deck. I quickly located the Big Dipper Constellation and from there identified the Polaris that just barely escaped the house next […]


Star Trails – 2016.9.27.

Autumn is usually the best time to photograph star trails because of its clear sky conditions. The sky looked clear with many stars when I set up my camera in my backyard for an hour of shooting started at 10:30 pm last night. However, the […]

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Backyard Hummingbird

I was delighted to see a hummingbird coming for the potted flower on my deck this morning. I had to set the camera at high ISO because of the poor lighting condition thereby introducing some noise on the image.


Hummingbird in My Backyard (again)

Hummingbird is not the easiest bird to photograph because it always flies in and out, forward or backward (the only bird can fly backward) so fast. But I do get lucky occasionally and was able to shoot this one while he(she) was standing still and even […]


Red-shouldered Hawk

It was 8 degrees (-13 degrees C.) when I woke up this morning and there was the “resident” red-shouldered hawk perching on the top of tree branch under the beautiful golden morning light. How could anyone resist in capturing the scene!