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Calla Lily

Calla Lily is in full bloom up in the mountain near Taipei. It draws many flower lovers and photographers to these beautiful fields . One can even pick your own calla lilies,10 for NT$100 of US$3.30.  


May is for Roses

We were like in the monsoon season last week – it rained everyday as if it would never end. It finally cleared up yesterday and I couldn’t wait to get to Brookside Gardens to shoot a few images of beautiful roses. I tried with my […]


April is for Tulips

Tulip blooming are at their peak so I couldn’t resist getting up early this morning to get a few shots. I don’t know why but we are leaving for a Pacific Northwest photo tour tomorrow and our fist stop will be at the Tulip Festival […]


Lotuses at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

I went back to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens yesterday morning. The lotuses were in full blooming conditions and will probably stay that way for at least a week. I used my Nikon D600 camera with all purpose 28-300mm lens. I set my camera at manual mode […]


White Orchid

Shooting white flower is always a challenge for me and the key seems to be always the setting of exposure compensation (EV) under different lighting conditions. I tried on our home grown white orchids yesterday. EV of +1.0 seemed to work okay indoor.     […]


Backyard Hummingbird

I was delighted to see a hummingbird coming for the potted flower on my deck this morning. I had to set the camera at high ISO because of the poor lighting condition thereby introducing some noise on the image.


Home Grown Orchids

Over the years we have accumulated eight orchid plants in our house and for some good reasons almost all but one bloomed recently. I decided to take out my macro lens to shoot a few this morning and here they are.